Treasure Chest

We recognize the generosity of meeting us in Maui to share in our celebration of our shared vows, and consider your participation as a great wedding gift.
Also since we have already established a comfortable home together, the investment in selecting traditional gifts might prove particularly mind boggling.
As such, we encourage the simplicity of any contribution to our treasure chest that will be a part of our reception as an alternative to the effort of shopping for traditional wedding presents.


To save you from looking, shopping or buying

Here’s an idea, we hope you like trying.


Come to our wedding, to wish us both well

A treasure chest awaits and will be left open.


Fill it with papers, any historic figure will do

Franklin's our favorite, but Thomas will do.


Now that we have saved you, from all of the fuss

We hope you will come and celebrate with us.






(for those determined to shop)