Our Story

as adapted to written form by Eric



Perhaps it is more funny where we met than the details of how.  We did not meet online, nor by a mutual friend, nor through a broader circle of friends, colleagues, nor on a single’s nature hike.  Rather I had the great fortune of meeting my “heaven sent angel” at the TGI Friday’s in Pleasanton, California!

I had just finished a particularly long day at work, and was really on the fence about revisiting my old habit of a quick stop for a Grand Marnier drenched “Platinum” Margarita and a Burger.   The other choice under consideration was a more recently established habit of enjoying my own home-cooked rib-eye with a vegetable and a glass of red wine at my residence.

Upon stepping in on this particular evening I was very pleased to see two lovely ladies sitting at the TGIF’s bar.  And the seat next to them at the corner was apparently available. Needless to say, it did not take near as much time to figure out where to sit as it had to determine whether TGIF’s would prevail over the home-pan-fried rib-eye.   And so I took my seat.

Immediately to my right was the young lady whom I would estimate to about 5’even.  The main attraction I would later verify to be a full 10” taller had fair skin and radiant glow.  Although I was somehow aware that I had just spotted the future mother of my children, I really had no idea yet how to I might go about introductions.

For the moment, I concentrated on something of even more immediate concern--the oversized goblet with salted rim.  Apart from a few glances, there was no break in their conversation which might allow for whatever I might think to say.

A bit later, after having overcome some of my initial shyness (with the help of that same concoction), I found my entrance.  That tall and especially lovely lady had just emptied her Cosmo, and had ordered another.  “Wait a minute!  Put that on my tab… and make it a Grey Goose Cosmo!” proved the right introduction.

She graciously accepted and, as I had hoped, I had been welcomed into conversation with who would just now be introduced to me as Anne and her good friend Tara. 

As I would learn much later, Anne had been on a business trip from her home in West Covina and had connected with Tara about a chance to meet for dinner at either Cattleman’s or TGIF’s.  The proof of higher power came with the selection on the latter.  Also since Anne was used to traveling on her own, she had grown accustomed to taking dinner at the bar rather than at a table.

Anne excused herself to the powder room.  Tara remained seated and I took the opportunity to declare who had my most devout attention.   “You’re really cute!  But I’m in love with her!” I declared while by gesture indicating the emptied chair to her right.

When Anne returned, I noticed that she was a bit greater in stature than I had first realized.  “How tall are you?  You must be about five foot ten!”  Anne answered with a nod.  My second margarita was now assuming more of a role in guiding my remaining actions. “Stand up!” I playfully demanded as I approached the stool where she had just taken seat.

As she stood I honed in as if to confirm her unusual vertical advantage.  And once in range, “let me give you a kiss!” I playfully proposed.  Moving straight ahead as if to target her lips, a quick turn of her head resulted in a gentle kiss on her left cheek!

The meeting ultimately concluded a bit later with a quick walk with her to her car.  And there was to be no more kissing—at least not on this late June evening.



Whereas Anne’s shared email address was a safe enough exit, and based on her first impression would not have dreamt of offering an actual phone number (I would later learn) this was all I needed.

Weeks later, we began our first instances of phone communication.  I had learned that my Anne was examining my background via visits to the personal page I had shared with her.  I was also informed that she and Tara would sometimes visit the pages while on the phone together and compare notes. 

We continued to keep in touch via e-mail and occasional phone calls and later met for a series of lunch dates, and one dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Sato.



About two months later, Anne's employer offered her a new permanent position at their Livermore office, which also called for an end to her air commute, and to find her own place near to her new assignment. 

I had a room available for rent at my new home, and, since Anne was soon to be moving into the neighborhood, I thought she should eventually see my place. 

I proposed that she spend a night to ensure that one of two available rooms in my home would prove comfortable.   She moved the usual Monday morning arrival to a flight that would have her land at Oakland on a Sunday afternoon.  And this would be our first night under the same roof.

I grew firmer in my resolve that Anne and I should be housemates, and so I offered dollar terms which were both beyond any reasonable objection and about a week later we became housemates.

Through the winter we comforted one another through some of the mild peril associated with our own respective not-quite-as “mean to be” relationships. 

By springtime Anne was being offered a new job opportunity that would have her moving to Arizona.   At first I was responding with mild encouragement towards acceptance, with the idea that we might still visit one another and, although on a slower course, find our way to what had been seeming an increased possibility of a future together.

On the very eve that Anne was preparing to accept her new assignment, I came sufficiently to my senses to make a clear statement of my hope that she would stay.    And this same coming to senses developed a strong understanding of what Anne meant to me and through the process we became officially a “couple”.



About five months later we were near to departing for our first trip together.  And I would soon be meeting a lot more of Anne’s family.   I recognized it would be appropriate to make more of an official expression of my love and dedication to Anne.  Her mother's side family reunion on a cruise from Florida to Mexico would prove to be the right time. 

The first day on the ship, they had a special on a couple’s massage, and this made us too late for the first dinner seating with the rest of the very large group of Anne’s extended family.  So the first night’s dinner we were on our own.

Anne left the table to finalize an order at the Duty Free, and that’s when I placed a ring on atop the cantaloupe ball garnishing a wedge of chocolate cake dessert!

Anne returned, but did not take a seat as she had needed to grab the sign-and-sail card to finalize the order.  She appeared to be looking right at the space on the table where her dessert had been unusually decorated.  Somehow, she did not yet notice, and went back to finish that important Duty Free business. 

While she was still away, a staff member brought a specially prepared plate with fruit and on which was written in icing, “Will you Marry Me?” which I placed on a chair out of sight.

This time when Anne returned, she took her seat, and a sip of her coffee.  Then it became clear that she had noticed that something had been added to her dessert and she sat for a moment quietly looking down at her plate.  Then I said, “let me do this right”.  And I grabbed the other plate and got on one knee.    

The next night was formal night and we had the chance to reenact the entire proposal, this time with a microphone and an audience of about 1000 dining passengers.  “You mean everything to me, and I was wondering if you might not mind introducing me as your fiancé to your whole family.” 

Anne delivered the same answer from the night before, “I love you.” The master of ceremony pressed for clarification, “Does that mean you will marry him?”  Anne took the mic again and answered “yes!” with a nod. 



At that time we tentatively set March of 2008 as the date!  But our mutual enthusiasm eventually shortened the schedule – and September 14 became the official day.  And since Anne’s birthday is on the 14th of October that’ll give me a great chance to keep birthday and anniversary well remembered.

I think Anne and I already knew we were profoundly “meant to be”.  And I still routinely remind her with the words she has already heard from me so many times --“I am very glad I picked you out at the TGI Fridays!”