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With this money you could provide six people with fresh water for a week, or you can help me with my music career and then I can perform at a benefit concert! The choice is yours!
Deep Feelings...
...from the Heart...

...with an Attitude!

Not available in stores!
Never played on any radio!
Never even heard of!

Dance with Me - Can't Pretend - Kiyomi - Rather be Dead - All I Could Do - Waiting for an Answer - Dreams - Hungry Again - After Dinner - Long and Hard* - Pryortechnics - Where - Alora - Yuri - Fallin' for You - Mama - Table Tennis

*Parental advisory - Long and Hard Contains content unsuitable for kids (and adults)! No refunds!

Be the first in your neighborhood, town, or major metropolis to hear  the original recordings of Eric Hanson

...all in their first-cut, pre-label, pre-studio-mix, pre-commercialized, and somewhat regrettably, pre-voice-lessons form.

The album cover features a picture of me in the warm waters of Phuket Thailand... after you hear this, you may find yourself wishing I was standing in the same spot a few weeks ago.

Take the chance and dive into something completely new and different in contemporary music.

Everything was pretty good but I had to turn it off at "After Dinner".. Maybe it was because I was eating dinner at the time! - SL-San Ramon, CA
It grows on you! - Dr. BZ - Park City UT
Once Long and Hard Came on I yanked the CD and threw it into the fireplace.  After some counseling my kids are doing much better now. - Anonymous
My wife actually likes it! She keeps playing it in her car every day - DG - Dallas TX
(Table Tennis is...) good music for vacuuming and other housework - RI - Santa Clara, CA
(Eric Hanson)...is much better in live performance - DB - Gilroy, CA