Dublin Community Matters


You have probably noticed that Dublin City Council made a number of poor decisions which adversely affect parking in our community. The first was allowing Toll to build with less than 0.3 available outside spaces for each of the 200 units here at the Cottages.

Most recently a particularly absurd decision was made without adequate consultation of other community members. This was in response to a handful of complaints about cars parked on both Central Parkway and Dublin Boulevard and an impact on pedestrians.

I personally walk up and down Central Parkway just about every day and have not observed any problem.

As soon as I noticed the signs I called Mark Landers at Dublin Public Works whom defended the new restrictions on the basis of these few outspoken members of our community who seem to believe that walking both sides of Central Parkway to a priority over parking on either.

When I asked whether they considered implementing a no-parking policy on one side and not both, he shared that they "considered that" but that those parking would then have a problem walking from their own parked car.

He did inform me that there will soon be a Council Meeting and, if you share my opinion that at least one side should remain open for parking, I urge you to attend and be heard.

When: December 16th Tuesday at 7:00pm

Where: Dublin Council Chambers
100 Civic Plaza, Dublin, CA