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Metal to Infinity Review - Thanks to Office Nice and Stefan!

At the bands4bands awards held at Roosters Roadhouse on March 11th, 2005.

People are saying that ...

“From muppets dressed as leather boys to dudes dressed as knights, ten must-see summer acts”
East Bay Express Summer Guide 2004 

“I’m spoiled, I can’t listen to anything else!”
Ann Sorensen (Musician)

“It’s like an epic”
Michael St. John (Musician, Producer) 

“Relic belongs in a stadium”
Monica (Savage Productions)

“Relic’s music is like a movie soundtrack”
Lonnie (Owner of Arts Unlimited)

“A cinematic journey”
Alisdair13 (St. Louis, Missouri)

“You guy’s really work at this… All the different parts work well… Genesis would be proud!
Fresh sound, great production, great mix, great composition! It is so refreshing hearing someone try and tackle a huge beautiful project like this.
Shuvani (Santa Fe, NM)

Exhaustive searching, scowering the net for original bands, your being one of the best recently!
Very daring, dedicated and true! I was blown away by the tracks.
I found on luma and had to have the cd for myself.
Phil (Luma Relic Fan)

Prog rock at it's best! Very cool!
I can see the influences come from Yes, Floyd and maybe a little Zeppelin ..
Ebodaddy (Fairfax, VA)

Live Webcast Review December 7, 2004

The rock show was a success. Screaming groupies did line up around the block, held in check only by sword-and mace wielding guards of the awe-inspiring medieval rock band known as Relic. Finally, hair-metal aficionados and renaissance-faire enthusiasts have something to unite them.
A band whose time has come or maybe actually passed sometime in the late 1980’s or 1500’s)

The knightly gentlemen of Relic took to the stage wearing shiny armor, chain mail, helmets, and Nikes. Singer Duke Ueda” Brandished his Excalibur-like sword suggestively and with an erotic zeal, which made the smitten womenfolk of the audience swoon at the thought of being impaled by his royal lance. Lead guitarist Sir John, his pierced nipples gleaming in the stage lights and pyrotechnic displays, spoke one-liners to the audience in between songs, snappy witticisms possessing the tase and vintage cheese unearthed from a medieval time capsule.

Halloween Show at Aptos Club October 30, 2004

Wow, you missed it. How could you! Relic, at five buckaroos, was a steal. The bands persona poured out the door of the Aptos Club, drawing people off the street, as they tried to walk by, into the club’s medieval atmosphere. Dressed in the style of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table they looked like the real thing. Real leg armor, mail and fog left you no doubt of how serious this band is. Relic’s backdrop, black lighted, scenes from the era left you wondering if you had just experienced some form of time warp.

The music truly comes from within the souls of this band. Black knight eat your heart out. Watching them play, you could feel the passion that vibrated throughout the club. Their music is both haunting and electrifying, magically bringing images of glorious battles and mystical encounters into your minds eye, a truly wonderful experience. Staging added to the feel of an ancient castle, a cage of instruments surrounded the rythmatic drummer Sir William as though each was in readiness for battle, defending their part of the castle.

Duke Ueda, dressed in a brown robe, performance was nothing short of pure wizardry compelling the listener to really listen while Sir John wielded his axe with the precision of a Knight of the Round Table, his weapon of choice an unfailing musical attack upon evil, towering as a conquering hero of the king’s daughter, truly a force to be reckoned with. The band lives and breathes for the moment they can play their songs of ancient battles and struggles against the forces of evil.

The music should have been the score for Lord of The Rings. Don’t miss the next show! for your music magazine

Powerslave live show review August 2, 2004

The Gaslighter—It was a full house at the Gaslighter on Wednesday night. The floor, the seats, the lobby, the bathroom. The place was packed. The crowd was energetic and in the mood to rage. Relic was testament to the limitless creativity of a true live band. Dressed as knights from the late dark ages with a stage designed of cauldrons and faux fire, Relic slayed the dragon in the form of eight-minute epics with soaring vocals and flowing guitar lines. The band’s imaginative concept of progressive metal from medieval times was flawlessly on display. Geddy Lee (Rush) would approve, as would Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), Stunning musicianship kept Relic in the pocket as keyboard and guitar battled it out in front of a caged drum set where the loser would be beheaded; however, the duel ended in a draw. They will thankfully fight again. This band is a must see experience.
Loria Kutch

Bay Area Buzz September/October 2003

“Relic’s press photos, which show them performing with like nine keyboards and a bazillion toms in a marble rotunda somewhere in full armor ~ I repeat, FULL ARMOR ~ seriously raised my hopes for their “medieval rock.” Preparing to laugh, I also raised my fist. While Relic’s lyrics are derived from 14th to 16th century poetry,
their music is a mélange of 70’s prog, 80’s metal, 90’s riffage, and moldy madrigal. People, this brew sounds awful on paper, but tracks like “Dance of Death” and “St. Stephen & King Herod” find the lads capable of lopping the heads off Normans (and indie “rockers”) with synthesized strings, arpeggiatic guitar shrieks, bizarre vocal effects, and rototoms. The real beauty of Relic is the feeling that they’ll do whatever the fuck they want, which includes (between slabs of riffage) a whistling solo over synthesized choir voices in “I Want to be An Angel.”
Relic has the aesthetic and the crops of Rush (shudder) minus the joyless pretension, I’ve never had headcheese, but this must be what it’s like.”
Don Nelson

Oblivion Metal & Gothic Magazine (Germany) July 2003

Relic are freaks, this is for sure! Not only that they call their 70’s (Prog) rock influenced music “Medieval Art Rock” and use medieval poems and other texts for their lyrics, no, they perform live in full armor. I am talking about armours the knights used to wear. Relic definitely do not follow any trend, they do their very own thing. If you like this 70’s progressive art rock and you could imagine a mixture between Yes, old Pink Floyd, some Led Zeppelin aspects, King Crimson, (the heroes of the keyboarder), early Genesis and a little bit of early Rush.
Stephan Becker